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Champion Compressed Air Piping

Champion Quick-Lock tubing, compressed air piping, provides total
solutions for air, vacuum and inert gas systems.

Quick-Lock from Champion has taken piping systems to a new level. Without compromising any structural strength, Champion provides an aluminum product that is ten times lighter than steel.

The CHX Series is a balanced flow controller that provides an economical and reliable single point of control when it comes to controlling the air pressure delivered to your operation.

One of the largest hurdles of a compressed air system is removing in-line water build-up despite the placement of upstream dyers and filters. the DRI Products are tools specially designed to prevent this in-line water build-up.

Champion Product Lines

Quick-Lock Tubing with Multiple Connectors Showing

Quick-Lock/Big-Lock Tubing

Solid Metal Piping System

Champion CHX Series System Flow Controller

CHX Series

System Flow Controllers

DRI Assembly

DRI Products

Distribute, Remove, Isolate