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We understand the importance of pneumatics in the automobile industry. The non-corrosive properties of the AIRnet system will ensure your downstream equipment is protected from rust and contamination.


Compressed air is used for spinning, weaving, knitting and several other processes. The AIRnet system provides clean air for these processes to ensure high quality fabrics are produced.


From Amusement Parks to Hotels, several processes rely on compressed air. Whether it’s the critical braking system of a roller coaster or powering up animation figures to amuse kids, our AIRnet system will deliver the needed compressed air with minimum pressure drop and zero leakage.

Food & Beverage

Compressed air for the Food and Beverage industry needs to be 100% oil free. The AIRnet piping system we install is silicone free and certified “class 0” ensuring the purest air is delivered.


For manufacturing, repairs and overhauls, the Aviation Industry uses compressed air as its primary energy source to power equipment. The AIRnet piping system is efficient, light weight and easy to install and reconfigure. It is the ideal solution for air distribution.